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Privacy Policy

12/30/2019 12:00 AM

Privacy Policy

You are encouraged to go through the details below in a careful manner. If you have any query, question, or difficulty with our privacy policy, you can contact us anytime and get the clarification if required. Also, there will be some changes from time to time, and it would be the sole discretion of the company to make changes. However, such changes will be updated or posted on the website

Collection of Personal Information and Customer Privacy

The users are required to voluntarily register and create an account with our website if they desire to use the products and services. They are required to submit some basic information such as the email address, contact number, postal address, and website etc. By providing the information, the users or customers confirm their acceptance to our policies to collect their data. Such personal information will be used only in accordance with the terms & conditions set as per the policy of the website. One more secured information is that we have added the SSL. So you can feel safe about the information.

 Use of the Personal Information

The personal data or information collected from the clients is used to provide them the better user experience. It is not shared with any third party except the business partners. The users will be contacted on behalf of any business partner or the third party in case of offerings from them that can prove to be helpful to the customers or users. The data will be disclosed without notice only if there are any legal constraints or issues.

Email Messages

It is at the discretion of the users to whether or not to get the direct email from Moreover, they can choose to receive only the kind of email messages they desire to receive. Also, the frequency of such messages can be changed by the users.

Log Files

When you access our website, the logs such as Internet Protocol Address, Domain Name, Language, Browser Version, date and time, and the information of your cookie files may automatically get recorded by our internet server.


To facilitate better convenience, our website may place the cookies on your hard drive to make it easier for you to remember the login information. However, these cookies are entirely harmless and place no loads or burden on your computer system.

Other Website Links

Our website contains several links of other websites (in ads or other places), and we are not responsible for the terms, conditions, and the privacy policies of those websites. You are advised to learn about their data collection and privacy polices before you register to such websites.